Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Warm Day

It was almost eighty degrees out for the first time this year a couple of days ago. Of course that means that you no longer have to wear pants. Jonas was finally able to feel the breeze moving across his little legs. We didn't snap any outdoor pictures, but this pic is of Jonas just hanging out in the kitchen while Mom is getting his lunch together. It was a nice lunch consisting of yams/sweet potatoes, avocado, yogurt, peach puffs, sweet potato puffs, and a little more than seven ounces of milk. We've been trying to figure out where all this food energy is going as Jonas hasn't been growing as fast as he was a couple of months ago. Our guess is that it all is going to his brain, which at this age takes up a lot of energy. You can always see that brain of his working in whatever environment he finds himself in. That must be where all the caloric energy is going.

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