Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Your Choice Top Vids of year 1

Jonas is only one week away from being 1 year old. We have collected 11 video clips (Jonas's birthday is 9/2.......therefore 9+2=11) for you to vote on. Thanks for riding along with Jonas during this amazing first year.

This is what I was laughing at (Rocky Laugh)

Sloppy Laughter

Snuggle Roar Dada (Roar...Dada)

1st Flower Presentation (1st Flower)

What a difference 6 months makes (6 months)

Grocery Getter (Groceries)

Walking around at the museum (Museum)

Little Player


Waiting to Burp (Burp)

Rollover III The Recorded (Rollover III)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bus Makeover and More Pancakes

The newly renovated exterior was ready to go for Jonas to ride shotgun in. The first voyage was off to the dog park so that the dogs could sprint around a bit. It turned out that Greta and Rocky meet three greyhound friends and Greta seemed to have a crush on one of the other hounds and wanted to follow her home. After the dog park Jonas got a chance to eat his first official breakfast at a restaurant. He has munched on food bits plenty of times previous at restaurants, but he has never ordered an entire meal for himself. Jonas ordered the silver dollar pancakes for $2.70 and gave his chocolate milk to his dad. As you may have seen Jonas was also wearing his official Ohio State uniform today. It is good to see that they have uniforms that look good and finally make some sense. Oh yeah, there is another picture of his rear-end sticking out of the pantry.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Off to the farm...

After waking up from a little nap, Jonas snuggled his rat before leaving for a trip to the Vermont Valley Farm in Blue Mounds. Jonas hadn't shown too much interest in any specific stuffed toy, but recently has been snuggling the rat and diving at it in his crib WWF-style.

We bought a share in the Vermont Valley Farm co-op this spring and have been receiving a box of veggies every week, which Jonas has quite enjoyed. Upon arriving at the farm we took a wagon ride to get out to the corn field so we could pick some corn to boil. This was, afterall, a corn boil extravaganza.

Jonas took a hand at husking a corn. We ate a few ears right in the field. It was sweeter and juicier than when it is cooked, much to our surprise!

After trekking back towards the farm house, we got our grub. We had a HUGE potluck with the other members. The owner of the farm, Barb, said it was about double the normal turnout of people. Jonas loved crawling on the grass, watching little kids play, and going over to visit the baby goats. He tried to give the goats a corncob, but since they had eaten their fill already they left it lying on the ground for leftovers. Much like Jonas does with his O's cereal on the carpet.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pre-Season Surprise

Jonas and Dad were the lucky recipients of some new Packer hats. They were overnighted by Uncle Helge in time for the Packers first preseason game vs. the Bengals. Jonas has been a little on edge regarding the Favre trade, since this is the only Packer quarterback he has ever known. He was looking for Favre inside of the cardboard box before the game and fake crying when he couldn't figure out how to flip the box over to get back inside of it. He also didn't seem to understand the whole New York Jet thing, no matter how many times his Mom explained it. You don't have to watch the whole 1 minute plus video to get the vibe Jonas was letting off, but as you well know from the recent Favre media frenzy, it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it involves Favre it can be made into some sort of soap opera story. By the time the game rolled around Jonas had put the whole Favre deal behind and was ready for some football, or rather, ready to be the football.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


O's production was ramped up at the nation's largest industrial organic grower, Cascadian Farms, due to Jonas continuously eating O's. It is not known if this will cause a spike in price due to the increased demand.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dad's Bday

It was great a day to celebrate getting old with someone so young. I never have savored the days as they pass like I have the last 11 months. We went out to breakfast to celebrate Dad's birthday as well as to the State Fair. When we got back home to Madison we went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. Jonas had a great time at the fair. He was so into all the animals. His favorite was the pigs. He made crazy noises and gyrations to try and get the pigs attention. He got a chance to touch a bunch of beautiful animals and see a lot of wonderful things at the fair.

Jonas likes to dance around and listen to music, but seems to like the music a lot better when it is live. He had a couple of opportunities to catch some live music during the day, albeit very different music. He was really grooving to the tunes during dinner. It was amazing to watch. He never stopped playing the air maracas once he got started.