Thursday, May 20, 2010

Niles Rollover

Believe it or not this is quite a rare picture. It is a seldom event when there are actually 3 members of the family all sleeping peacefully at the same time in the same place. It seems as though we have figured out the sleep ratio adjustment factor with a newborn and 2 year old, 3 hours of sleep has been condensed to needing only 10 minutes for a sleep compression ratio of 18:1.

Another one off the list! We caught Niles's 2nd rollover on video. His first one was amazing and we were all going nuts and cheering like he just won a nascar race. We thru him back on his tummy and told him to do it again and as soon as I flicked on the camera he obliged. He followed this up with a couple more acrobatic moves. It took Jonas 30 days to get his rollover action going and Niles topped Jonas by a bunch coming in at 20 days for his rollover action. This officially marks the start of Jonas and Niles' sibling rivalry.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jonas is on the left

Well if you have not had a chance to guess Jonas is on the left and Niles is on the right on the previous post. A few giveaways that many of you caught...Sara is wearing new earrings and Rocky has grayed a bit around the eyes in just a couple of years. We are still settling in and Jonas keeps everyone busy who is not already busy with Niles. Niles is just short of 10 pounds and has stretched out almost a couple of inches already trying to catch his brother's growth rate. Below is a video of Niles talking to Jonas.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Separated by 2 and 3/4 years

The question that is posed to you: Who is that? One of the above pictures is of Jonas and one of the above pictures is of Niles. The kids certainly do have some similar scowls and expressions. Can you figure out which one is which kid? We will reveal the answer in a few days.

Jonas helped his brother to get cleaned up for the first time at home. Jonas has been doing an excellent job of helping out, has moved to pull-ups, and has been plopping turds in the toilet with over 95% on-time delivery. Maybe a little too much information for you, but it is pretty exciting stuff for us.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Favorite Family Slideshow

It's an early favorite. Even though times can be a bit tough with a couple of squirts there are durations of bliss that are unmatched by anything. Sara is doing well and is working Niles to learn the rules of how the Earth rotates so he can determine the difference between night and day. The pictures in the slideshow are pretty varied from events around Niles day 3,4, and 5. It has been one week since Niles's birth which is hard to believe how quick time passes. He is starting to squirm a bit more, seems to enjoy tummy time pretty well, and has been feeding pretty well.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Niles day 2 Photos

A few photos from day 2.