Monday, May 5, 2008

Grayhound Bus Runs Again

Jonas got a "big-boy" car seat a couple of months ago, but Dad has been waiting to use it until the Grayhound bus is running again. Well good news, the bus is running. (The bus has had almost everything replaced, but that does not mean it will work "as new".) Jonas was introduced to the bus in style. He sat in the front seat as the official navigator. The ride got off to a slow start as we sat in the driveway for 17 minutes while Dad tried to get the bus started. Well after a little trial and error success hit and we were off to Max's house to give him some birthday cheer. The ride was a little trepidatious as Jonas decided to navigate in such a way that we hit every red-light and Dad had to gently regulate the gas to the engine to prevent the Bus from stalling at each stoplight in the middle of rush hour.

Jonas has that all too familiar navigator grin of a trip well planned and executed. You can see that he was able to arrive and greet his hosts with an open door to the bus's inner dwelling. Brett and baby Max were excited to hear the bus purr at this point as the bus was nice and warmed up and wanted to keep running for a while so Jonas decided to leave the bus's engine on in the driveway so that Max could have a listen. Jonas planned the bus-ride as a surprise for his Mom. He had to pick up his Mom at Max's house because Max's mom attends grad school with Sara who carpools with Max's mom. Little did mom expect Jonas would be navigating the Grayhound Bus.

Here is a couple of seconds of inside footage from the ride on the way out of the 'burbs' from Max's house.

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