Sunday, July 4, 2010

1st Camping Trip with Jonas at Gov Dodge

We had the lake to ourselves for about an hour early one morning. It was absolutely beautiful. The birds, butterflies, clouds, and fish swimming between your legs. Jonas was impressed with his new tether that was attached to his wooden boat.

Up on top of a bluff at the end of a hike Jonas gave Dad a sloppy slurp. It was lucky that we didn't fall off the bluff as the sloppy slurp can make you squirm and giggle. The jiffy popcorn turned out great over the campfire. This was the first successful campfire popcorn I have ever done, usually it is pure 'Jiffy Black'.

Where is Jonas? He was found of going in and out of the tent and almost always tripping over the tent on the way out. It took him about 20 tries before he figured that he could not run full speed out of the tent without wiping out.

After all the food the nearest bathroom was found right next to the warm campfire. Everything was disposed of properly.

Roasting marshmallows with Mom. It turns out the Jonas is not a big fan of roasted marshmallows.

A bunch of videos of the trip. There is a lot of stuff here for dedicated individuals, but catch the last clip, it is pretty solid.

Jonas zonked out before we left Gov Dodge. Once we got home he slept for another 2 hours in the driveway in the van while Dad cleaned out the van and mowed the grass.