Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy? Halloween

Jonas finally realized there was a mobile on top of his swing!

Baby bedhead

Jonas has been sleeping like a champ at night (knock on wood). His newest trick is when he wakes up in the morning. He makes little cooing noises and I go in and say, "Good morning sweet pea" and he gives me a smile. Who could resist this little bedhead?

Get your walk on...

A favorite part of the day for the whole family is the daily walk. Here we are in Hoyt Park.

Grandparents visit

It was a busy weekend with all the grandparents visiting. We also celebrated aunt Ashley's birthday a few days early.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Guy Smiley

Finally a real smile caught on film. Happy hump day everyone!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Jonas started smiling this week, but usually only on the changing table. Apparently a fresh diaper can feel THAT good. His smile is so elusive that the only picture we've been able to get is blurry and post full-grin, but here it is nonetheless. He also gurgles and coos a bit, pays attention to the cats and dogs if they walk by close enough, and likes to chew his hand while laying on his stomach. Small events to be sure, but big news when not a whole lot else is goin' on!

Jenelle and Paul

Jenelle and Paul stopped by on their way through Madison to see Jonas on Thursday night. Jonas slept through most of the visit, but did show them his splashtastic bath routine before they left. Jenelle and Paul should stop by more often, as they left surprise dilly bars from DQ in the freezer. Thanks, guys!

Hooray for babysitters!

On Friday we needed to escape for some R&R. Jay from across the street came over to watch Jonas for a couple of hours to save Sara's sanity. Next week, we'll watch Cory for Jay and Emily so they can save their own sanity. This way, we can all get out and only have to trade "services". YIPPEE!


Saturday was pumpkin patch weather, so the fam headed out to the pumpkin patch for some pickin'. Jonas slept through most of the ordeal, but came home with a little misshapen pumpkin nonetheless.

Comfy cozy

Since the weather has turned colder Jonas has taken to wearing sweats. Thanks to Aunt Connie's thoughtful giftcard from Cincinnatti, he sports a Packers suit on Sundays for games.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Two little baldies

Are these two related or what? Despite what appears in these pictures, Jonas had quite the rollicking time on Sunday sleeping for a mere 2 hours total the entire day. Whew! Reports from across the street are that his little buddy Cory was in the same foul mood. Hmmm...this is not the first time this has happened...

Nice 'do

Travis has been taking his cues from the balding Jonas and shaved his head on Thursday. He decided he didn't want Jonas to feel bad about his ever-disappearing hair. No, just kidding. Travis's students shaved his head one strip at a time on Thursday as part of a fundraising pledge to fight cancer. The students raised over $12000 as of Friday, and the money is still rolling in!

Here's a link to the news story:


We have discovered that Jonas has a streak of vanity. He loves to gaze at himself in his mirror and make faces. If the face turns crabby, however, the attention span runs short. Jonas usually spends about an hour or so a day looking at the mirror, making faces with his parents, or gazing at one of his little toys. These are his mom's favorite parts of the day

Monday, October 1, 2007

Rollover III "The Recorded"

This is Jonas's third rollover of life, but the first captured on video. He started out flat on his tummy to start, but Sara was running to get the camera and started recording just in time. Jonas actually had turned over about 5 minutes previous to this video. He was gracious enough to repeat the feat.