Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let there be clean teeth

Now that Jonas is approaching double digits in teeth Mom obsesses about keeping them nice and clean. Jonas seems to dig getting his teeth brushed. It probably helps that he gets snuggled and kissed constantly as his teeth are scrubbed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Warm Day

It was almost eighty degrees out for the first time this year a couple of days ago. Of course that means that you no longer have to wear pants. Jonas was finally able to feel the breeze moving across his little legs. We didn't snap any outdoor pictures, but this pic is of Jonas just hanging out in the kitchen while Mom is getting his lunch together. It was a nice lunch consisting of yams/sweet potatoes, avocado, yogurt, peach puffs, sweet potato puffs, and a little more than seven ounces of milk. We've been trying to figure out where all this food energy is going as Jonas hasn't been growing as fast as he was a couple of months ago. Our guess is that it all is going to his brain, which at this age takes up a lot of energy. You can always see that brain of his working in whatever environment he finds himself in. That must be where all the caloric energy is going.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Jonas had a busy three day weekend. He walked (was carried) many miles and spent some time cruising to a bunch of picnics in the bus. (He did walk to one.) While over at Grandma's house he got a chance to hang out with Great Grandma, Great Aunt Carol, Great Uncle Rick, Aunt Darcy, and of course Grandma. Great Grandma was able to capture a couple of photos of Jonas before he scooted away. He had a great time investigating the lawns and just being a happy baby.

Sloppy Laughter

Sloppy Laughter is a regular occurance. This one was secretly captured by Mom during a gut-busting session.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Visitor from across the street

Cory came over to visit Jonas for a couple hours tonight. The kids definitely had a lot of fun riding, crawling, tapping, bouncing, biting, grabbing, hanging out, and smacking each other around.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On Your Marks, Set, Go!

Mom's team was on a break from competing at their track meet when she decided to give Jonas a chance at the hurdles. He really liked just hanging out in the starting blocks, but was a little confused at what to do after that. His starting form is decent for a 8.5 month old, but the reaction time needs to improve. (Along with the ability to run by himself.) All in due time.

Oscar Wrestling

Jonas was doing his Mom's beckoning by holding regular wrestling matches with Oscar the cat. It turns out that Oscar has been regularly howling at around 3am every morning. Mom does not like that so much, mostly because it wakes her up. Jonas got the message loud and clear and has been making sure that Oscar stays awake as much as possible during the day. As Mom tells Jonas, "Jonas putting the smack down on the kitty." You can definitely see that in the first picture as Jonas completely put the smack down on Oscar the cat by engulfing him with a large hug.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A few pics

A few pics from the last few days.....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bouncing Around

Jonas has been helping out his Mom at track practice the last few practices. Mom decided to show Jonas the high jump mat and what it feels like to bounce around a little. Jonas was jumping so high that he split open all the buttons on the crotch of his overalls. He seems to like the fresh air during a hard workout. After the hard workout Jonas met Grandma Sue for dinner and she gave him some big-boy socks with Elmo and Cookie Monster. The socks will come in handy the next time Jonas is jumping on the mat.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Grayhound Bus Runs Again

Jonas got a "big-boy" car seat a couple of months ago, but Dad has been waiting to use it until the Grayhound bus is running again. Well good news, the bus is running. (The bus has had almost everything replaced, but that does not mean it will work "as new".) Jonas was introduced to the bus in style. He sat in the front seat as the official navigator. The ride got off to a slow start as we sat in the driveway for 17 minutes while Dad tried to get the bus started. Well after a little trial and error success hit and we were off to Max's house to give him some birthday cheer. The ride was a little trepidatious as Jonas decided to navigate in such a way that we hit every red-light and Dad had to gently regulate the gas to the engine to prevent the Bus from stalling at each stoplight in the middle of rush hour.

Jonas has that all too familiar navigator grin of a trip well planned and executed. You can see that he was able to arrive and greet his hosts with an open door to the bus's inner dwelling. Brett and baby Max were excited to hear the bus purr at this point as the bus was nice and warmed up and wanted to keep running for a while so Jonas decided to leave the bus's engine on in the driveway so that Max could have a listen. Jonas planned the bus-ride as a surprise for his Mom. He had to pick up his Mom at Max's house because Max's mom attends grad school with Sara who carpools with Max's mom. Little did mom expect Jonas would be navigating the Grayhound Bus.

Here is a couple of seconds of inside footage from the ride on the way out of the 'burbs' from Max's house.

Safari Max

Max just celebrated his first birthday and Jonas payed him a visit to give him congrats on making it through the first year. Jonas gifted Max several balls that he selected at the toy store. It was funny how it worked out, because we ended up buying duplicates of everything so Jonas could enjoy the balls as well as the birthday boy Max. Max was nice enough to offer Jonas a ride in his new Safari wagon. It seats two comfortable while offering plenty of wonderful rider amenities. There is also safari-side door service for the riders. Jonas and Max did not spot any unusual wildlife on this voyage, just the normal onlookers.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Snuggle, Roar, and Dada

Jonas got a chance to snuggle and practice kissing girls when his kindergarten friend Adison came over for a morning visit. The two of them were very sweet to one another and got a chance to play some games with each other and the pets.

Besides for being a good snuggler, Jonas is also a mighty beast. This is clearly demonstrated in the video with prompting and training from his Lioness. You might also catch a bit of his fascination with his 'Dada' at the end of the lion training. The Lioness knew it was time to develop the cub's vocal prowess because it was his 8-month birthday today.

Acting requires different headgear

Jonas demonstrated his acting ability at an early age. His first assignment was to recreate John Travolta's performance in 'Bubble Boy' about a youngster in a bubble because of Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Disease. He did very well in this role and manged to transport well through the strong gusty winds on the way to get some coffee with his parents. Jonas also was very careful to keep his view clear by constantly licking the inside of his bubble to keep it nice and shiny.

Later on Jonas was required to switch to a role that fit very well to his Scandinavian heritage. He was able to play Thor and clearly demonstrate his mastery of thunder, rain, and life on the farm. This picture was taken right after Jonas struck down several kids with Thor's Mighty Hammer because the children were not eating all of their vegetables.

Jonas Aerobics

It was a rainy day outside so all exercise had to occur indoors. Jonas was ready to workout dressed in his red workout suit and his athletic shoes. Jonas was actually a bit restrained for this workout session that was recorded. Usually he is wiggling and giggling until he is out of breath. A good recommendation to get your heartbeat going and burn some calories is 10 reps of 20 baby swing and tosses per day.