Saturday, February 5, 2011


While we have taken a mid-season break from blogging a bit has occurred. Celebrated a wonderful holiday season with family. Niles is communicating pretty well. Niles started walrusing. Niles started crawling. Niles got a bunch more teeth. Jonas has been exhibiting classic 3 year old behaviors. Both kids are currently very sick. Niles has the worst of it an Jonas has fought through more quickly. Many chases have occurred: some can be seen in the above video on one particular Green Bay packers Sunday. (Hence the green and gold gear, hats, zubazzs, etc.) The boys play together very well almost all the time.... We have had the usual ridiculous snowstorms which has made for good sledding. Jonas has really been into riding his big wheel in the snow. We have modified a sled to attach the big wheel to it, but I don't have any pictures. This has increased the speed at which the big wheel can transit the snow.

Many visits to the usual indoor events: train shows, children's museum, indoor gymnasiums, art classes, library, Olbrich gardens, grandma's house, and other little people's houses. Many visitors from near and far which has been great for the kids to see all of their relatives. Your travels are much appreciated, the boys love visitors. Super Bowl tomorrow. Go Pack Go.