Monday, February 25, 2008

Squash Count

Jonas has been working the solids and has finished all the squash. He did not eat squash at each meal. He often had mixed meals of rice cereal and squash, squash and peas, or sometimes no squash at all. He managed to finish off that big squash in nine meals. The last squash meal seemed to put Jonas out of energy.....he fell asleep at the meal.

Bestemor Visit

Bestemor visit this weekend....check out the t-shirt.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


How many meals will this squash last for Jonas? That is the challenge to you. Jonas is not holding a formal poll, but just wants you to make a guess of it on your own for the fun of it. You probably need to know how the squash was prepared. The squash was sliced vertically, seeds removed, baked at 350 for 30 minutes cut-face down, then flipped, covered with tin foil and baked for another 37 minutes. After the squash cooled it was scooped out and pureed into "Jonas food". I did manage to sneak a bite, a small bite, and it was quite tasty. Jonas is also eating rice cereal in combo with the squash at least once per day. Happy squashing.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Solid Food: Day 2

Lots of advancement in the art of eating. Jonas regularly helps the spoon into his mouth. He also uses his fingers to help push the rice cereal in if he thinks its drooling out. (Which it usually is.)


He still manages to be himself while he is eating. He is able to laugh and giggle with his mouth full. Right now as of day 2 we are encouraging him to laugh while eating, but I know we should end this as soon as possible so that he doesn't develop any bad eating habits.


Another new development was the sharing of food with others. You can see that Rocky caught on real quick to his new meal ticket. Jonas's fingers proved to be too tasty to resist. It doesn't help that Jonas enjoys putting his fingers overboard to share with his mates.

1st solid bites of food, I'm starving!

The wait is over. You know that hungry feeling for just that right food that you can't get out of your mind? Sometimes you have to wait a few hours or days, but what if you had to wait almost 5 and one half months before you could dive into a bowl of delicious rice cereal? You would probably be rabid. Jonas actually survived without any strong hunger signals. (This was probably due to the 1.416 Liters (48 ounces) of milk ingested daily.) Jonas ended his solid food avoidance with his first bites on Valentine's Day 2008. There was no better way for his parents to spend their Valentine's evening then to watch their little boy getting so big and grown-up so fast.

Happy Balloon

Jonas is a huge fan of smiling faces. Grandma Sue brought over a few big floating smilees for Jonas to play with. Jonas was working on his boxing skills with the smilee face. He couldn't turn it into a frown no matter how many jabs he connected. Jonas has attached the smilee balloons to his UHAS wagon for tours around the house.

Aunt Ashley plays on her backup yellow blankee

Dad remembers dragging, bundling, and tying Aunt Ashley up in her blue blankee when she was a tike. It turns out that Grandma Tangen made a yellow backup blankee that was never put into action. Until now, Jonas has put the yellow blankee to good use with lots of floor time. Aunt Ashley and friends had fun making Jonas reach for the bugs feet as the played on the yellow blankee.

Shades Upgrade

As soon as mom found out that Jonas's shades were not staying on his head very well she bought him some baby shades with straps. This definitely increasese the outdoor options for Jonas without having to worry about his eyes. Finally he can look directly at the Sun.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sunshine 'n Snow are Great for Sledding

Jonas had to get some shades on to protect himself from all the reflected sunshine (snow has a high albedo). Jonas needs to be movin' when he is sleddin' or else he is crabbin'. This is easier said than done. The biggest challenge is trying to keep the shades on tight on the little man. Jonas set a new record for sledding distance just a couple of days after his 5 month birthday.

Snow Day

What do you do on a snow day away from school? First you put on your devil suit and smile. After that you go get coffee of course. Jonas called Bryn and Henry the night before the snow day to arrange a meeting at the coffee shop. The twins were not aware that Jonas would be such a little devil, but did very well tickling Jonas's toes to try to make him giggle. Even though Henry is not wearing a devil costume, he looks a little devilish. You can see from the picture that the twins and their transport vehicles were a little red from their hike up the hill to EVP Coffee shop.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Little player

Gotta find something fun to do when the weather outside is frightful (in the negative digits)! A bit spastic, but perhaps he will be an improvisational pianist someday.

Winterfest=pizza for the parents

Madison's annual Winter fest featured ski races around the capitol, ice carving and snow sculpting. Jonas took it all in with his typical aplomb, enjoying the people coasting by. His parents decided pizza at 11am sounded good, and so went to Pizza di Roma for a slice and cheese bread. (No, I didn't eat the whole tray of food, although those of you who know me well know I could have, if dared). Eating a slice the size of a yield sign proved difficult over Jonas's head, and the task was accomplished by cutting the pie into chunks. Upon returning home Jonas ate his typical meal of milk and fell asleep on Travis's chest for the whole Badgers vs. Minnesota basketball game. Gooooooo Badgers!