Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The best things come in 2s

A stack of 2 kids: Cory (in front) being coaxed to sleep by Jonas (in rear). Similar situation in the 2nd picture except Jonas is in the foreground and Cory is replaced by Oscar the cat.

Dog or Baby or DogBaby? You decide.

With all the "baby talk" going around it gets difficult to determine dog from baby at times.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lights: One of my Favorite Things

Oprah eat your heart out, Jonas's list of his favorite items is readily available to almost everyone, lights. Jonas and Grandma tour around and check out lights, at which point Jonas will smile and gaze, or politely ask to move to the next light.

1st Thanksgiving

Jonas enjoyed meeting some more members of his family at his first Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Baby Interrogation

The "relaxed" restricitions on basic civil liberties in the United States have provided parents with a lot of new tools for finding out what their kids are up to. This is one method that we wanted Jonas to get used to so that his parents would always have a way to get to the truth. At this point it's not working. He has yet to speak up and say one word. It doesn't matter what questions we ask him, he just stays mute. A good side effect to all of this is that he loves watching the lights swing around.

Beautiful Bubble Bath

Every day it seems that Jonas gets just down right dirty. It comes with the territory when you can't stand up yet, that you might make a mess here and there. Luckily every night between 8:15 and 8:45 he gets a bath. (Bubbles and Ducks vary)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jedi Training II: Rattle, Poop your Pants, Relaxed Yawn

The premise was simple: Move your hand while grasping the fuzzy giraffe and the giraffe will rattle. This was close to what happend. The was a short bought of rattling, interrupted by a strong grimacing facial expression while Jonas worked out some poop into his pants. The final stage was a relaxing yawn of a job well done. As the experts say, "Baby steps".

Passed Out after Jedi training

Training can be grueling, especially inder the watchful eye of Yoda. A bit of rest can help anyone be ready to go back after it, even little tikes.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Too much Vitamin D

Jonas now gets regular blasts of sunlight indoors thanks to help from Grandpa Tangen. Dad and Grandpa helped cut out eight 14 inch holes to put some tubes in. Two of the tubes are pictured here. (Jonas is not allowed on the roof, that is why there is not any pictures posted of him finishing up the shingles.)

Picnic Point in November, yep with this great weather.

This was our first adventure to the tip of picnic point in Madison. Jonas selectively picked his awake times to correspond to adventurous moments. He loves looking at the branches of the trees as the light is filtered through. He got a chance to see the water and felt a couple splashes from the waves hitting the rocks.

Jonas was dazzled sleepless at the view of the State Capitol.

Lots of migrating water fowl in Lake Mendota. Jonas tried to get a peak at a flock, but no luck, they flew away.

The view of the post trip arrival at home. Minus the dogs who jumped out seconds before the picture.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Little Mr. Dress Up and Dog-cakes

Jonas donned his fancy outfit to celebrate his breathing Nitrogen for the last 10 weeks. He was receiving all sorts of advice, from GPa's tilted hat/hand-sign-flashing to recreate a JJ Cool L persona, to GMa making him pucker so sweet for the camera. The hounds made it into this photoshoot. They had clean up duty on GMa's unfinished cinnamon/apple/banana Dutch pancake which was too big for one human to consume. The Dutch cakes served as energy to get some natural light into the house for Jonas. Jonas managed to direct his workers to not only feed him at requested intervals, but also to cut holes in the house so some solatubes could be installed.

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Bath time with GPas

Bubbles galore awaited Jonas and his pirate duck as GMa and GPa got a chance to check out Jonas's buoyancy. He did float. He also got cleaned up.
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Cory amd Jonas...perform in record setting sleeping contest.

Cory and Jonas hung out for a few hours the other night. They discussed animal prints on their clothes as well as diaper routines. This went on for a while before an unprecented sleep contest broke out. We didn't have the clock ready to time the lads, but it was an impressive double nap.

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First day with Dad....need some time to recover

After spending the day with Dad, Mom arrived home and headed to the Memorial Union on Lake Mendota. Jonas was able to clear out everyone from the Terrace so that he had the whole area to himself. It was an impressive bit for a nine-week old.