Friday, May 2, 2008

Acting requires different headgear

Jonas demonstrated his acting ability at an early age. His first assignment was to recreate John Travolta's performance in 'Bubble Boy' about a youngster in a bubble because of Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Disease. He did very well in this role and manged to transport well through the strong gusty winds on the way to get some coffee with his parents. Jonas also was very careful to keep his view clear by constantly licking the inside of his bubble to keep it nice and shiny.

Later on Jonas was required to switch to a role that fit very well to his Scandinavian heritage. He was able to play Thor and clearly demonstrate his mastery of thunder, rain, and life on the farm. This picture was taken right after Jonas struck down several kids with Thor's Mighty Hammer because the children were not eating all of their vegetables.

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