Friday, April 25, 2008

Memorial Union

Finally some nice weather. What's better than ice cream and family at the Wisconsin Memorial Union after a hard day's work? As usual, most passersby were more interested in the hounds than Jonas. He's okay with that since the paparazzi were starting to get to him anyway.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Biking Boy

Jonas has a lot of choices for transport. Luckily for him he does not provide the bulk of the energy needed to make the transport happen. Add one more vehicle to Jonas's collection, the bike. Jonas likes to sing into the wind as he serves as the windbreaker for Dad. It's a great way to ride and the conversations we have are quite hilarious. Jonas managed to fall asleep at the end of a longer bike ride today. When he sleeps he is sorta of a bobble-head doll, only he bobbles from his waist up. So I guess he was more like an bobble-thoracic cavity doll.


On the walk home Jonas stopped at the playground to get some swinging and sliding in. Jonas has been swinging quite a few times, but this was his first slide of his life. He was a little surprised the first time down, but now enjoys the slide more every trip he takes. It was a very safe trip down the slide thanks to all the safety advice from Grandma. She talked us through the mechanics of safe-sliding for quite a while before we were deemed safe to slide down. Without Grandma's advice we might have gone right over the edge!

Eating Coasters

Greenbay Gpas were in town this last weekend. It turns out that they were fresh out of a rodeo show so they brought Jonas a cowboy cap to celebrate the bronco riding. Jonas seems to be turning the hat strap into some sort of slingshot. Boys will be boys.

Grandpa's mustache was a big draw for Jonas. He visually inspected it for quite awhile before he started to investigate the interesting texture with his hands.

At brunch at the Great Dane Jonas went through 11 coasters. It was the only thing he desired. The lifespan of a paper coaster when used as a toy is very short, especially when you put them in your mouth.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Let's Get A Look at those toothies

Jonas was listening intently to the directions to open his mouth and show off his little toothies. He was able to open his mouth and make a bunch of sounds, but just couldn't hold it open by himself long enough to get a good picture.

So, we did some manual adjustment to Jonas's face so his toothies became visible to the eye and not just to the skin after a nibble.

Here is a nice closeup of his toothies. It's been rather difficult to get a clean picture of Jonas's bottom toothies. Until now. Jonas has frequently interrupted any tooth-shot with a slip of the tongue, a curl of the lips, or some spastic unexpected movement. So, we finally got nice picture of his teeth. Jonas's right tooth has been out in the open now for forty days, while the left tooth is a bit younger. The left tooth has been out for only 38 days, but you would never guess that from the picture because it seems to be more massive.

Coming soon....a top-tier toothie, the tip of an iceberg appeared today above his left bottom tooth.

Quacker on the Roof

Jonas got a chance to talk to his first live quacker up on the roof. The silly duck was hanging up on our roof for most of the afternoon and early evening. Jonas got a chance to talk duck-to-duck. I have no idea what Jonas was quacking to the duck about.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

1st Flower Presentation

Jonas presented his flower to his mom when they finally got a chance to sit down. Jonas was able to tell Mom about the day, all the kids he saw dancing and singing, the art projects, and friends and neighbors that said hello. The picture above doesn't really do justice to what really happend. There was a lot more action to note that could not be displayed in a picture. Luckily we have a little video evidence of what the flower presentation was really like.

Overture Center Kid's Day

This was Jonas's first time at an event that was designed completely with kids in mind. It was interesting, as the short snippet of video gives you a taste of what hundreds of kids enjoying "kid-things" is like from an adult perspective. This was just one area of the Overture Center (in the Rotunda) where kid karaoke was being accompanied by a professional band. Jonas took it all in and had a good time. He really enjoyed all the different types of music and was able to get a balloon-flower made for his mom who was at class this weekend. Jonas bumped into Bryn (and her blue-baby) and Henry eating 'O's' and they were able to see a couple of the last songs of kid karaoke together.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a difference 6 months makes

It's unbelievable what a difference a little more than six months make. We were watching a family picture slideshow on TV last night and up popped the pictures of Jonas when he was just into his second week. It was hilarious to see how tiny he was in his swing. Coincidentally enough, not only has he grown a bit physically, but his little neurons are firing up too. You can see in the video below that he is very quick to discover things. It is not the most exciting video, but it was quite timely since we were planning on taking a photo so that we could compare his tiny-creature-body to his big-boy-body that he has made for himself. I was actually on the way down the stairs with a load of diapers headed to the wash when I heard the clicking. The camera was ready to go because I had just put him in his swing and taken a picture for size comparison right before I went to wash his diapers. I thought something went haywire when I first heard the click, but after one step back to Jonas's bedroom I had a hunch on what Jonas's big haunches were doing. It is quite possible that he was inspired by the Spiderman sweatshirt he got from Ace and was trying out his new webslingers.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Noodles Practice

Uncle Kevin invited Jonas and family over to the Noodles N' Company he manages. They just finished some remodeling of their kitchen so we were requested to stop on by to eat some free noodles so that his employees could get some practice with the new kitchen layout. Jonas spent his time admiring the scenery, eating various paper items, playing with his toys, playing with Grandma Sue, and low-fiving Aunt Darcy. Jonas is hanging out at the head of the table eyeing up Mom's gigantic rice-crispie-wedge.

Contortionist Sock Digester

Dad was getting a snack ready for Jonas in the kitchen when Jonas decided to get all twisted up. Jonas knew he was getting hungry when he must have ripped off his sock and tried to eat it. I told him that he doesn't have the necessary enzymes to digest the long cellulose fibers in the socks. He didn't seem to care.

Rocky was playing lookout. I don't know what else they could have been up to, but obviously they got away with it. Now that Jonas and the pets are teaming up it will make the parents job that much more difficult.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Grocery Getter

Jonas got a Big Boy Badger Hat at Bucky's Locker-room. It was one of his planned stops on the way to get some groceries in his grocery-getter wagon.

Getting groceries has never been so fun. It didn't hurt that it was an actual beautiful day. Jonas has been waiting for a nice day to spend the day outside for a long time. almost his whole life. We made lots of pit-stops along the way to chat with neighbors old and new.

Big Sleepy

Every once in a while Jonas can be real sweet, even when he is sleeping.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Jonas was tricked into wearing some unusual selections for his first April's Fool's Day. His wardrobe assistant persuaded him it was the 'phat' thing to wear that all the hip n' cool almost 7-month-olds are wearing. The outfit is accessorized by a miniature dump truck that Jonas is chewing on. You can see the red wheels sticking out of his mouth. He obliged, but little did he know that the joke was on him. April Fool's Jonas.

Rat Infestation and March Madness

Jonas is doing well, he is finally getting over his March Madness. It seems that he has spent an inordinate amount of time following the NCAA basketball tournament, in particular Jonas's favorite team the Badgers. As most of you probably witnessed, they played their worst game of the season this last Friday and are done until next year. Jonas has been doing a lot of things to put his mind in other places. The problem is that his photographer did not have the camera ready to snap some photos. So Jonas can't share pics of his parties he attended, the zoo, Olbrich Gardens, long walks in the warm 40 degree plus outdoors, numerous visits from his little posse of friends and relatives. This is on top of one of the more pressing issues for Jonas, the release of his movie "The Six-month Jedi". Jonas, who is also the executive producer, has decided to postpone the release after going through more than 3 and one-half hours of footage. Jonas decided that it was very difficult to put together a movie without a plot. So Jonas is in a search of a plot for his movie that will allow his previously shot footage to tie-in seamlessly. There are 2 major plot-lines being discussed. Stay tuned for the movie which will be retitled when a plot develops. Here are a few recent photos:


Jonas was busy multi-tasking with the Rancor-pit monster before the sweet sixteen Badger match-up. They discussed possible plots for the movie, as well as strategy for how the Badgers should attack Davidson.


Jonas was at a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) fair at Olbrich gardens in Madison. He made some nice selections for his diet that will run from June to December.


Wouldn't you know it? On top of everything else Jonas was infested with rats. He was able to wrestle the rat to submission and compare rat teeth to his human teeth. You can also see that Jonas has outgrown his changing table. He is a bit big for everything.