Friday, November 12, 2010

Poppin Tooth & Jammin Niles

Popalicious. Tooth discovered on Oct 31st, 2010. It must have popped out sometime around 11:30am central/standard time during the Big Ten Cross Country Championships. It is located on the lower left and is the almost the same as Jonas's first tooth location, just on the other side of the mouth. So welcome to the lower left central incisor and may you enjoy many chomps for the next few years. You can take a look at the tooth in the first picture up top and if you don't have access to sticking your finger in Niles's mouth. It was obvious a reason to dance and celebrate, though that seems to happen quite regularly for no reason at all.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

HALLOWEEN Niles's 1st and Jonas's 1st with Niles

It was a great celebration of spookiness. Jonas started off wanting to be a car.....and it quickly morphed into wanting to be a school bus. 24 hours later he was trick-or-treating. He seemed to be able to maneveur quite well and got into and out of lots of nooks and crannies. Niles actually dressed up as a bear and dragon. At 6 months old he is obviously not very good at choosing items so he decided to go as each of the available costumes. Standard Tangen pumpkin carvings: Moon and Stars, Tow-Truck, Pthalate, and Potato Head Jack-o-lantern.
The family trick-or-treat on State St. was a fun time for the kids, great weather and Grandma Sue. The local trick-or-treat was quite fun as well....including such treats as motorized swimming plastic beavers, dancing chipmunks, books, custom cupcakes, etc... fun time great community event. We even tested the bus lights late at night after Niles went to sleep to do some after hours/post-bedtime trick-or-treating and moon watching.