Saturday, March 31, 2012

Punk mom

Just to add to the pre-spring break insanity, my school has dress-up "spirit days" the Thursday and Friday before spring break. This year Thursday was "Would you still be my friend if I looked like this?" day. Always looking for a teachable moment in the absurd, I decided to unleash my inner punk and challenge the kids' stereotypes of what a punk might think, despite her outer appearance. My students were more challenged to think of me as an anarchist than my own children (no surprise). Jonas and Niles didn't have too much reaction to my new look. Jonas asked why I didn't color all my hair orange, "because it would look cooler". Niles just asked me to go outside with him and tried to climb my fishnets when I got home. Perhaps if I looked more like a "soccer mom" I'd get a reaction out of them.
Normal breakfast of graham crackers while revving up to The Ramones.

 Normal after school anarchy.

Normal dinner to the incantations of Patti Smith. 
Jonas must be burning the candle at both ends.

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