Monday, March 19, 2012

Drumming for Hope 2012 Madison

I had to put this one in because it has been summer weather and its not even spring.  Lets break some more records.

We got a chance to head to the Goodman Community Center to go to the African Youth Outreach's 'Drumming for Hope' fest.  After pulling Jonas away from the arcade car game (he had to stretch to reach the pedals) the kids picked out some unique facial paint designs, tried out some drums, danced to the drums, and played outside a bit.  It was a great event and one that we will make an annual tradition.  The goal's of the project are great, and there is a lot of evidence that these education programs help save lives.  Its just a matter of not blocking and limiting access to knowledge, something that has throughout history left people on the short-end of knowledge resulting in shorter and less healthy lives for those without the access to education.  I hope our legislators can learn from the progress that these advocacy groups like AYO to not limit citizens access to education and health services so that people may live healthier and happier lives.  By the way, Jonas really got a chance to get his groove on, he certainly has had a lot of practice during the many dance sessions we have at home.

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