Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lots of great adventures.  The kids got a chance to have a family weekend starting off with a visit to Aunt Carol's house for Great Grandma's birthday.  As usual, all the kids had their choice of exactly what they wanted and ended up being the entertainers most of the day.
Aunt Ashley came up to visit to celebrate her staying in the US and heading out East.   Jonas setup a game of 'chutes and ladders' and was the first one to count to 100 to win the game.  There was a bit of snow that came down that allowed for some outdoor fun.  Ben let Jonas use his skis so that Jonas could get his first cross-country ski experience.  Jonas had fun. but he kept on insisting that he wanted to go faster, and felt that he should be able to do some jumps and zoom down the hills off the cliff.  We also managed to get together a quick snow creature using the icicles that Jonas found.  Niles has had to switch from shoveling the snow to shoveling sand due to our big warm-up.  You can tell that he really likes because of the serious tantrum objections to coming inside when clearly he wants to be outside digging holes.  We got a chance to enjoy the last bit of snow on a mid-50s day at Dream Park where the kids just slushed around and Niles jumped off the dragon's tail.

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