Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rat Infestation and March Madness

Jonas is doing well, he is finally getting over his March Madness. It seems that he has spent an inordinate amount of time following the NCAA basketball tournament, in particular Jonas's favorite team the Badgers. As most of you probably witnessed, they played their worst game of the season this last Friday and are done until next year. Jonas has been doing a lot of things to put his mind in other places. The problem is that his photographer did not have the camera ready to snap some photos. So Jonas can't share pics of his parties he attended, the zoo, Olbrich Gardens, long walks in the warm 40 degree plus outdoors, numerous visits from his little posse of friends and relatives. This is on top of one of the more pressing issues for Jonas, the release of his movie "The Six-month Jedi". Jonas, who is also the executive producer, has decided to postpone the release after going through more than 3 and one-half hours of footage. Jonas decided that it was very difficult to put together a movie without a plot. So Jonas is in a search of a plot for his movie that will allow his previously shot footage to tie-in seamlessly. There are 2 major plot-lines being discussed. Stay tuned for the movie which will be retitled when a plot develops. Here are a few recent photos:


Jonas was busy multi-tasking with the Rancor-pit monster before the sweet sixteen Badger match-up. They discussed possible plots for the movie, as well as strategy for how the Badgers should attack Davidson.


Jonas was at a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) fair at Olbrich gardens in Madison. He made some nice selections for his diet that will run from June to December.


Wouldn't you know it? On top of everything else Jonas was infested with rats. He was able to wrestle the rat to submission and compare rat teeth to his human teeth. You can also see that Jonas has outgrown his changing table. He is a bit big for everything.

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