Friday, April 18, 2008

Let's Get A Look at those toothies

Jonas was listening intently to the directions to open his mouth and show off his little toothies. He was able to open his mouth and make a bunch of sounds, but just couldn't hold it open by himself long enough to get a good picture.

So, we did some manual adjustment to Jonas's face so his toothies became visible to the eye and not just to the skin after a nibble.

Here is a nice closeup of his toothies. It's been rather difficult to get a clean picture of Jonas's bottom toothies. Until now. Jonas has frequently interrupted any tooth-shot with a slip of the tongue, a curl of the lips, or some spastic unexpected movement. So, we finally got nice picture of his teeth. Jonas's right tooth has been out in the open now for forty days, while the left tooth is a bit younger. The left tooth has been out for only 38 days, but you would never guess that from the picture because it seems to be more massive.

Coming soon....a top-tier toothie, the tip of an iceberg appeared today above his left bottom tooth.

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