Monday, December 3, 2007

Waiting to Burp

First off a warning, not only is there a burp near the end of this video but there is also some bonus feta cheese production. It actually took awhile to get this shot, about seven minutes of Sara tapping on Jonas to work up the belch. The belch was not the most impressive belch (5 of 10), but it is like waiting for the geisers at Yellowstone National Park, even if its not the biggest geiser blast the geisers are still impressive. Jonas just passed 3 months old the other day. He tends to wear outfits that are for 6-12 months because he is a very long lad, and barely fits in the outfits that are made for tikes that are at 6 months. He tends to wear several outfits a day, mostly due to his ability to self-produce feta cheese and puke or drool it all over his clothes when its done fermenting in his tummy. Try to predict the moment of the Burp.

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