Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jonas Plays the Inverted Toy Crane Game

Jonas's dexterity was put to the test in a simulation of a toy crane game. He showed plenty of signs of being ready for this test with his constant grabbing of pretty much anything that he can put his hands on. He needs to work on moving his arms to the correct spot. Right now he is very easy to trick, if you move what he wants to grab quickly in any direction he is not able to adjust and grab it. Thus I am dominating in games of keep-a-way from Jonas. He has completed the inverted toy crane grab several times in different settings, but was not able to pull it off during this camera session. I thought that the footage was insightful to be able to see some of his early weaknesses in case you challenge Jonas to any sort of competition. This is sort of a 3 month 1 week video scouting report on the babe's ability to use his fine motor skills.

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