Thursday, February 16, 2012

Timber..Chickens ahead

Well its official.  It was a nice day so we decided to get going on a spring project even though it is quite a bit off in the horizon.  We are preparing the site for chickens.  We have gone through this once before.  At out first house we put an amazing 120 sq ft. chicken palace together; copper roof, 12 inch thick concrete floors, loft space, front porch, etc.. But what we did not do was get chickens.  As we were in the process of putting finishing touches on the chicken palace we decided to get up and move to the house we live in now.  So hopefully this time we will create a chicken palace at no cost (all craigslist and repurposed/recycled materials) and actually get some laying hens in there this time.  Anyway there was a birch tree that was nearing the end of its life that had to be removed so that the chicken shack foundation can be put in.  Jonas and Niles were great helpers.  Jonas captured this video of one of the limbs coming down.  No gasoline was used, only a rusty trim say and a bow saw.


  1. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them that the "extra house" next door with the copper roof was built as a chicken coop. I will now point them to this blog entry as proof.

    1. Yeah, I wish we had got a chance to get all the finishing touches on the place. There could have been some crazy hen parties if your chicks would have come over to visit!