Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Niles being a 6 week old

I had to add this to the post after I watched the video for the first time....it seems that Niles has once again brought out the sing-songee octave finder. I had no idea that I sounded that stupid, I knew I sounded stupid...but anyways all in a Dad's work.

Niles is actually large for a 6 week old....but Oscar is enormous. Sara went to go and put another load of laundry in and when she returned Oscar had found a willing companion to snuggle up with. They seemed to make a pretty good pair. Niles has been smiling and watching things a bunch more the last week. That also means he knows what he is missing so sometimes tries to stay awake a little longer than he should, despite his parent's antics to put him to sleep.


  1. Very cute! Hmmmmmmm.......maybe Dad missed a calling for extra money using that voice, eh? Of course, he is too "hunky" to be a believable drag queen anyway. ;)

  2. I am for hire...never done a show so I'll have to watch "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" to get some tips.