Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jonas's First Race

We almost did not make it to the race. We had a great schedule worked out at the end of a busy day and just as we were about to leave......Jonas had to go to the bathroom. It went pretty well and fast, in his words "It looks like a poop forest". So after that delay Sara and Niles dropped us off at the track so we could warm-up and check-in for the race. The race did not go as turned out that Jonas had engine trouble and had to stop several times. Seeing as this was his first race we can work out the kinks.

You might also note that Niles turned 7 weeks today and really seems to enjoy out-facing in the bjorn. His melon control has been pretty good so Sara tried the front face position and his head remained on at the end of the day. Another blast of a day with the family.

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