Saturday, April 24, 2010

Overdue Notice

Mom is a bit overdue. We have not checked in with the library to see what the fine will be yet. We keep extending the days as Jonas as an only child....hopefully soon that will change. Jonas did provide some quick and easy noodle recipes to use when we get home from the hospital. He also showed us a few moves with his train shoes. Jonas has been drawing a lot, inside in his books and paper, on the computer, in the bathtub, and everywhere outside with chalk. He has drawn a few things that actual resemble the intended product, the train he drew in the bathtub was quite nice. It was a standard coal steam engine with a hopper car attached if you could not tell from the picture in the slide-show.

If you could not hear what he was talking about its something about trains having shoes... We hope to have an update soon on a brother for Jonas, I just don't know when soon will be!

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