Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Easter

Jonas got an opportunity to hunt down some Easter eggs this last weekend at his Grandma Sue's. He found all ten eggs and later opened up gifts that matched up with the number in the egg. Its quite a long video clip, it took about 4 minutes to get all ten eggs, but it was his first egg hunt.

Jonas found his easter basket after looking all over the house. He had a great deal of looking before the find, so Sara's hints are quite appropriate in this context for a 2 year old.

For his final Easter-Bunny celebration Jonas traveled to South Milwaukee and found that the bunny left him stuff there as well. I assume it is quite normal for a bunny to do this nowadays, especially considering that the bunny has upgraded to remote control R2-D2 units and the such. Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Helge amazingly were able to help Jonas locate yet another hidden easter basket outside hidden in a tree.

Rex and Sully were good young pups while all the festivities are going on. Jonas got a chance to swing his first whiffle ball bat with grandma, blow some bubbles, and show grandpa that he has indeed mastered making a chocolate malt at the distinct age of 2. You can see from the pics that Uncle Helge and Aunt Sue are busy refurbishing their house. It is looking great, it is the house that our grandparents lived in. Enjoy the spring it only happens once a year.

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