Friday, September 25, 2009

Unusual Animals (J.Marathon Episode 7)

Unusual Animals: (In no particular order)

Bat: During the clean up from Jonas's family birthday party we had an unexpected visitor. It seems as though the open door to the backyard was an invitation for more mammals to attend the after-party. The bat flew in through the open screen door and created a bit of post party havoc. Jonas, Ma, and the pets were able to sequester themselves in a bedroom while Pa gently escorted the bat back outside using sonar interference techniques. It was a great way to end the day. Jonas now wears his Dominic chef hat whenever he is inside to protect himself from bats while he is preparing meals or riding his bike indoors. (Not really)


Ernie the cat caught a mouse from somewhere. He likes to display his prey and show it off a little. Ernie chose to drop off his prey mouse right next to some of Jonas's toys. Lo and behold, 2 seconds later the mouse had disappeared. After some time trying to figure out where the heck it had gone Ernie gave up. Pa was left to inspect the toys and there seemed to be one culprit that showed the most promise for housing the mouse fugitive, Jonas's garbage truck. Pa searched the garbage truck interior cabin, the wench apparatus, the grinder, the gas tanks, and the bins to no avail. Pa couldn't figure out how the mouse could have escaped. Oscar the cat came along and showed particular interest in Jonas's garbage truck as well. Pa rechecked the garbage truck for the 5th time and got a peek at the ultimate hiding space, inside the well of the tire. The garbage truck must have some special run-flat tires without internal walls thus allowing the mouse to nestle in and wait out a ride to the garbage dump for an easy escape. (Thinks Star Wars Trash Dump Millennium Falcon Han Solo) The mouse took a few revolutions and was dismissed.


Dog: Chew, Chew, Chew.....Jonas's dog Rocky has been chewing on his hip. Pa said, "How about some reverse chaps for the dog?" Ten minutes later Rocky had a custom fit reverse-chaps-hip-chew-chew protector. It worked pretty well considering all the delicate anatomy in the area, but Ma was worrying about things getting squished so Rocky eventually had to take the reverse chaps off.

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