Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2nd Birthday Day (J.Marathon Episode 1)

Jonas has handled being 2 pretty well so far. There have been really no "terrible" moments at all. In celebration of this, "JJ's Adventures in Life....so far" is presenting a marathon posting session. Every 36 hours for the next 14 days there will be a new post. Some of the planned excitement includes goofey animals, pants down, new rizzees, a new breakfast routine, and other events from the past couple of weeks. Hopefully Jonas will be able to compete favorably with his marathon blog stunt at this time when the focus is on the TV season premieres.

You can see some pictures of Jonas's birthday day. We had to call it this because of several other events that also celebrated his birthday. He was quite excited to make pancakes, but did not eat too much to save room for cake so he would not get a full tummy. He requested to dine "alfresco" for lunch and we had a good time eating and singing songs that echoed off of the cliff-side. Got some books from his neighbors and played a bit with Cory. He got a chance to play with a few trains from his new train set. It actually took him over 3 days to open all the train cars and parts because he was more than satisfied with having "just the one train car" and did not need more to play with. He enjoyed his time at Ella's Deli and was pretty into all the flying objects whizzing around. He had to share a peanut-butter cookie dough chocolate malt for an appetizer before his meal and his birthday sundae and carousal ride. Coincidentally enough we were seated at a table with a train built into the table. Mom was in charge of pushing the button to get the train moving, and she made it all night without coming down with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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