Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Off to the farm...

After waking up from a little nap, Jonas snuggled his rat before leaving for a trip to the Vermont Valley Farm in Blue Mounds. Jonas hadn't shown too much interest in any specific stuffed toy, but recently has been snuggling the rat and diving at it in his crib WWF-style.

We bought a share in the Vermont Valley Farm co-op this spring and have been receiving a box of veggies every week, which Jonas has quite enjoyed. Upon arriving at the farm we took a wagon ride to get out to the corn field so we could pick some corn to boil. This was, afterall, a corn boil extravaganza.

Jonas took a hand at husking a corn. We ate a few ears right in the field. It was sweeter and juicier than when it is cooked, much to our surprise!

After trekking back towards the farm house, we got our grub. We had a HUGE potluck with the other members. The owner of the farm, Barb, said it was about double the normal turnout of people. Jonas loved crawling on the grass, watching little kids play, and going over to visit the baby goats. He tried to give the goats a corncob, but since they had eaten their fill already they left it lying on the ground for leftovers. Much like Jonas does with his O's cereal on the carpet.

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