Friday, August 22, 2008

Bus Makeover and More Pancakes

The newly renovated exterior was ready to go for Jonas to ride shotgun in. The first voyage was off to the dog park so that the dogs could sprint around a bit. It turned out that Greta and Rocky meet three greyhound friends and Greta seemed to have a crush on one of the other hounds and wanted to follow her home. After the dog park Jonas got a chance to eat his first official breakfast at a restaurant. He has munched on food bits plenty of times previous at restaurants, but he has never ordered an entire meal for himself. Jonas ordered the silver dollar pancakes for $2.70 and gave his chocolate milk to his dad. As you may have seen Jonas was also wearing his official Ohio State uniform today. It is good to see that they have uniforms that look good and finally make some sense. Oh yeah, there is another picture of his rear-end sticking out of the pantry.

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