Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hoop it up!

Jonas got a chance to talk to Bruce the Mascot. Jonas did not seem to notice that Bruce has an unusually large head. He took it all in stride. During the Spartans' warmup Jonas was checking out the upperdeck to see if any of his friends were at the game. I asked him if there was anyone he knew, but he didn't answer.

A nice family shot about 20 minutes before the game got underway. You can see how big Jonas is in this picture. It is hard to believe that his mom had him in her womb just six months ago. (It really is crazy when you look at the picture of Mom and Jonas standing next to each other.)

Towards the end of the game Jonas pretended he was a pufferfish swimming around in the water. He often does this where he will hold his breath and puff his cheeks out. Mom helped him out swishing him around a bit to make him feel like he was swimming. It was a good way for him to spend some time as he had seen enough basketball after 2 games at the Kohl Center in the last 2 days. Jonas is going to take the championship game off on Saturday since it starts at his bedtime and instead will spend some time at home relaxing in the tub before bedtime. Overall he did very well and had a wonderful sensory overload experience. Go Spartans!

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  1. As always.....good to see the amazing progress of our young man!