Monday, March 10, 2008

Central Incisor Breakthrough....Let there be tooth

Little did we know that the first wearing of the "Chomp" shirt would be taken so literally by Jonas. He decided to cut his first tooth today, displaying a mammelon edge of the lower right central incisor. The breakthrough occured between 11:45 am and 1:15 pm on 3/10/2008. It was quite exciting to put my knuckle in his mouth a little after 1:15 pm and realize that Jonas is now armed with a cutting tool embedded in his gums. It is visible under the right conditions, most of which demands Jonas to keep his tongue out of the way. This is difficult, so we haven't been able to capture the perfect photo, but we will. For anyone that is interested there is a little information about Jonas first tooth below from Wikipedia.

Jonas's first tooth, the Primary Mandibular Central Incisor

The mandibular central incisor is the tooth located on the jaw, adjacent to the midline of the face. It is mesial from both mandibular lateral incisors. As with all incisors, its function include shearing or cutting food during mastication. There are no cusps on the tooth. Instead, the surface area of the tooth used in eating is called an incisal ridge or incisal edge. Though the two are similar, there are some minor differences between the deciduous mandibular central incisor and that of the permanent mandibular central incisor.

Mammelons are usually found as three small bumps on the incisal edges of anterior teeth. They are the remnants of three lobes of formation of these teeth, the fourth lobe represented by the cingulum. Since this surface of the tooth is the first to wear away from attrition, mammelons may not visible on teeth of older people. Instead, the best chance to see this characteristic is soon after eruption of the tooth into the mouth.

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