Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dualing Birthdays

Aunt Darcy came over to celebrate her birthday and the upcoming birthday of Jonas's mom. This was Jonas's first dual-birthday celebration, he did very well. Typically Jonas eats every 2-3 hours, for this event he decided to forgoe that tradition and just be happy for about 5 hours straight. This was not what his parents planned, but we appreciated that Jonas executed a far better plan than we could ever concoct. It also helped that somehow someway Jonas received some presents. It seems that other's birthdays are enough reason to provide Jonas with gifts. Aunt Darcy and Uncle Kevin help Jonas celebrate the "2 sisters" birthdays by opening a few new toys for himself. I don't ever recall receiving gifts on other people's birthdays, but maybe its a generational thing. You can see that even Jonas is rather surprised at the evening's happenings as Grandma trys to explain how things work in this modern world.

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