Friday, October 5, 2012

Bay Beach 2012 put to bed + Midvale Fun Run!

Jonas and Niles spent a windy cool day at Bay Beach in Green Bay before season's end a few weeks ago. Little did they know they'd go back the next one for the final day of the summer season while Sara and Travis got to go to the Packers vs. Saints game at Lambeau Field. Can you really have too many pictures of kids yukking it up on the rides? Yes, but here are some more anyway.
 Jonas's school, Midvale Elementary, had their yearly fun run on Friday October 5th in the afternoon. Jonas and his 4k classmates had been practicing up on the course over the past two weeks. Jonas told me he "won" every time. Later, his teacher confirmed this. Jonas was concerned with winning on the big fun run day, although he acknowledged that there were rumors of a fast boy in the afternoon session. We reminded him that it was a fun run and that everyone was there to have fun and to run as fast or slow as they wanted. Well, that just fueled his fire. Jonas did end up "winning" the 4k fun run (the bigger kids run further) and chatted it up with the other kids afterwards. Check the youtube channel if you care to watch some choppy video of him running the little race!

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