Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adventure Galore

The kids have been cranking things out. Niles is now in full gear with his walking officially started on 6/15/11. He is officially running and jumping at this point, what a difference 2 weeks makes. The kids got a chance to take a ride on jet-skis on Lake Mendota, play at a bunch of parks, fly some kites, wrestle with each other, build a bunch of things out of 'trash', and sing protest songs at the capitol. It was another great father's day just being in the presence of these great young humans. I had a blast, (as usual) and really enjoyed all the treats, surprises, and the ignorant lobster puppet show. Along with all of his kids songs that Jonas has been singing, this one below has been a frequent song choice, but it always is sung at a very loud volume...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Spring is almost over...

The last couple of weeks have been filled with the normal adventures, but with the nice days the kids have had a chance to get some playtime in the water. Not only in sprinklers, but lakes, splashparks, and pools. We got a chance for the kids to go out to the cottage for the first time to celebrate Grandpa getting a little older....they had a blast. Jonas also got a chance to go in the medflight helicopter which often flies overhead on the way to saving people's lives. Below is a great video of a recent splash dance session. Props go to Jonas's offscreen choreographer who can be overheard giving Jonas the motivation and direction to make those dance moves happen.

I had to add this video...How long would would you last with all this action going on? Props goes to mom on this one!