Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adventure Galore

The kids have been cranking things out. Niles is now in full gear with his walking officially started on 6/15/11. He is officially running and jumping at this point, what a difference 2 weeks makes. The kids got a chance to take a ride on jet-skis on Lake Mendota, play at a bunch of parks, fly some kites, wrestle with each other, build a bunch of things out of 'trash', and sing protest songs at the capitol. It was another great father's day just being in the presence of these great young humans. I had a blast, (as usual) and really enjoyed all the treats, surprises, and the ignorant lobster puppet show. Along with all of his kids songs that Jonas has been singing, this one below has been a frequent song choice, but it always is sung at a very loud volume...

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