Friday, December 9, 2011

Bogart, Boys, Packers, and Reading?

Tug o war with Bogart.
Jonas getting his passengers ready for a rocket ship ride.

Friends over for dinner.

New baby Wheeler, Niles was well versed in what to do since he has been taking care of his baby so well at home.

Packers = Popcorn  In the only time that Niles really gets his brain fried from watching tv  he also gets to eat popcorn with his Dad and brother.

Jonas wanted to create a chamber where he can rest.  I told him it looked like a coffin, he asked what that was and I  played it as a 'Special box that people go into."

Niles was reading Henry and Mudge...sorta.  he definitely is picking out all sorts of things and actions from books and associating them across contexts.  The best part of the video is his mobster laugh after making an observation.  If you get a chance you can hear the laugh, after that it is more of him being silly.

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