Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was once again an awesome event. The cow produced many moos and collected quite the candy haul.  The spaceship pilot wowed the public with the nimbleness of the spacecraft maneuvered through the neighborhood, state street, and in the cover of darkness.  Niles was awesome at following Jonas's lead.  Niles was knocking on doors with full force and saying trick or treat....than in a pronounced motion shoved his bucket out to the unsuspecting benefactor of candy.  He often was able to get a double portion.  The pumpkins turned out great; a a Jonas train, a Niles owl, a Mom bat, and a Dad Carbon Dioxide ppm global warming indicator that is way to high (389 ppm....oh well to late who cares about the current Earth!) Its great to go out and see and talk to the neighbors, a great community building event.

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