Saturday, May 7, 2011

To the market!

We went to the Dane County farmer's market for the first time this spring. Niles got his chance to experience cheese curds on the Capitol lawn for the first time. Jonas has been quite the adventurist lately, climbing and sliding on anything available. Quite a change from his former self. Niles, not to be outdone, has taken suit and started climbing anything he can hoist his little kiester upon. I didn't think he'd climb vertical surfaces before he could walk on horizontal ones, but if motherhood has taught me anything, it is that I am usually wrong.

Some UW environmental ed students were hosting a kids' sustainable gardening fair and Jonas got to pick a great kids' booklet and a themed garden to plant. He had a choice of "pickle garden", "salad garden" and "pizza garden". What do you think he'd pick? Well, you'd be as wrong as me (again) because he picked the salad garden. The woman helping him out said he was the first kid to pick "salad garden". I'm quite pleased because he snagged us a tomato plant, a pepper plant, a lettuce plant, and two green onion plants, none of which I have planted in our raised boxes yet. Way to go, kid!

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