Friday, April 29, 2011

Niles's Birthday

Niles saw the sun for the first time one year ago today and he saw the sun for the first time this week today. Of course we just had to spend most of the day outside.
After waking up to an overwhelming family gathering in his room, Niles ate breakfast while jumping up and down in his exersaucer.
Next he and Jonas looked for bunnies out the front windows and warned them against going into the yard with the hounds. We headed for Lucia Crest Park to spend some time playing. Jonas focused on dandelion removal and Niles focused on breaststroking through the pea gravel. After a delicious al fresco lunch and a refreshing nap, Niles played in the sandbox with Jonas, Cory and Ben.
Finally we went to Ella's Deli with Grandma Sue for dinner under the mechanical marionettes and a spin on the carousel. Niles continued his bottomless pit eating shenanigans by eating five of the six "bear french toasts" he was served, a serving aimed at the "under 10" set. Yowza.
To cap off his night, Niles was serenaded in the bath tub by his brother and mother with the "Happy Birthday" song. He then relived his day in his crib, telling his "woobie" about all his adventures for thirty minutes before finally passing out cold.

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