Friday, October 29, 2010

194 P

Jonas has been busy working his waste management system. We had done a lot of work way back in June....but his parents dropped the ball and had to restart the training. Its been about 3 weeks and things are going well. Jonas is outrageously bribed to produce urine.
  1. He receives a penny for every time he pees in the toilet, but has any wetness in his underwear.
  2. He receives a nickel or dime for every time he pees in the toilet and has a dry pair of undies.
  3. The pee-money than gets immediately put into a jellybean coin-slot operated bank contraption.
  4. The carousel jellybean bank is operated and 2-4 jellybeans pop out for every pee.
  5. After a day of complete dryness he earns a letter that is placed on the calendar.
  6. After three days of complete dryness Jonas can pick from one of 3 prizes. He went shopping at the toy store and pre-purchased his toys which are placed up high out of his reach.
  7. The money collected in the bank can be used for any purpose.
These are the basics. Its going well. He had already mastered the solid materials for almost 6 months so we just had to work on the liquid portion of the waste management. The first couple of weeks brought 194 pee events. The proportion of nickels and dimes to pennies has skyrocketed as the penny reward is a very rare event.

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