Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Part III Circus Morph & Bang at Science & Industry

We visited circus world after lunch. The star attraction for Jonas were the funny mirrors, though he did enjoy all the intricate horse and carriages throughout the exhibit. The end of the clip shows Jonas getting a little bang with everyone else. The first balloon the demonstrator filled with just Hydrogen, which is combustible, and it made a loud boom. She followed that up by adding oxygen to the next balloon, I couldn't hear, but probably in a 2:1 Hydrogen to Oxygen ratio. This is the balloon that Jonas didn't quite like. It probably was due to the louder noise because of the availability of oxygen to more rapidly react with the hydrogen to form water because of the close proximity of the oxygen molecules that allowed the reaction to happen more quickly and result in a higher energy disruption in the surroundings. Heat was released as the oxygen and hydrogen atoms bonded in a 2:1 ratio to form water, and the excess of energy left over because of the efficient molecule-making is what moved the surrounding molecules rapidly upon transfer of this excess energy into heat, light, and a loud noise. Jonas recovered quickly on his way to petroleum world. That is what is up next.

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