Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trains, Graham Crakers, and Jumping

Jonas is warming for a big trip later this week. He will celebrate being our only little guy at the Science and Industry Museum. He had a few choices and by far and away he was the most excited about visiting the museum. He has been talking about going on the Zephyr train from the early 1900s constantly.

As far as other recent happenings....a little blog watching and self analysis of 'being goofy', fueling up with his normal breakfast of a package of graham crackers. This week I bought 8 boxes of graham crackers instead of the normal 4 boxes because of the beastly appetite for the soggy grahams for breakfast. The energy stored in the molecular bonds of the graham cracker was enough to power some jumping, skipping, and running at a visit to an indoor play center. Jonas met up with his neighbor to develop some freestyle gymnastics routines.

What can you say about trains? Not enough in this house. Sara took Jonas to a train show at the Alliant Energy center this weekend. All the exhibit halls upstairs and downstairs were filled with some sort of train action. You can tell by his smile that he was having a good time. Toot, toot!

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