Thursday, October 15, 2009

Haloween Test Drive for 2 (8 of "8 is Enough")

Jonas was showing off his costume for this year's Halloween. We have been asking what he wanted to be for a while and he kept responding that he wanted to be a car. We would ask if he wanted to be a donkey, a bear, a tiger, a train, a monster, a robot, an airplane, a bird, etc. but he just wanted to be a car. This was a dry-run for the car costume. He was quite an attentive driver as he was able to spot some anatomical changes in his mom. Most notably the fact that there is a sister or brother growing "in the womb". Surprise!!


  1. Congrats!!!!!! DEFINITELY a surprise! I hope that Sara is feeling well?

  2. a) Please, please let Jonas drive his car over to the old 'hood for Halloween. We promise to fill his glove compartment with treats.

    b) This probably should be a), but: Ohmigod! Congratulations!