Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grandma broke the TV

Following the last day of school, Travis and I usually go out to eat at one of our favorite Madison restaurants, Eldorado Grill. Grandma Sue was gracious enough to come and watch Jonas for the evening so that we could go out and have a little adult summer kick off. She even brought Jonas some ladybug window clings (note the post-nap bed head).

When we got home she told us that she had tried to turn some music on via Sirius radio on the tv, but it wasn't working. I had to break it to her that it was already broken. The sound hasn't worked in about a year, which doesn't bother us since we never really watch TV anyway.

Last night at dinner Jonas remembered the TV looming behind his head and told us the story of how it all happened. This is all the more funny because I don't think he's ever seen the TV on. You'd think by his insistence that the little goof watches TV on a daily basis or something. Nonetheless, we got a good toddler story and a good video out of the whole escapade.

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