Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sounds of spring

As I was making lunch one day I heard the typical pre-lunch fussing in the sunroom. The fussing became louder and more desperate, so I looked in the other room only to discover Jonas in the following position. Who knows how he did it.

The next day I was cleaning up the lunch dishes when I heard a snorting sound. When I checked the sun room this time, I saw Travis, Ernie and Rocky sawing logs in the midday sun.
Last but not least. On Saturday evening I heard a rustling, scraping sound in the chimney. I was told by Travis that I was "paranoid". Then Jonas heard it and said "in in in" while pointing to the fireplace. Sure enough, upon further inspection, there was a raccoon wedged in the chimney. We ended up calling Jay A. for reinforcement and managed to annoy the coon enough it crawled back up the chimney and left little coon footprints in the freshly fallen snow. Jonas missed the excitement, but he's seen the picture to prove it.

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