Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elmer Fudd

Jonas has been roaming the neighborhood hunting bunnies for the past week after seeing a little cottontail hop under our front shrubbery. He has not had any luck. Despite calling to them by making bunny noises, he had yet to see another one. He was a persistent little chap, however. Nary an outdoor trip passed without a few rounds of hunt the bunnies under the neighborhood shrubs, as you will see below.

Jonas got lucky on Tuesday. After calling to the bunnies and checking under the bushes for a few minutes, we decided to walk on in further pursuit. As we turned to leave, a little bunny hopped out to show off his camouflage. Jonas "Fudd" Tangen managed to spot it. Instead of a rousing rendition of "Kill the Wabbit", he decided instead to sniff at it and make conjectures about the bunny's other daily activities.

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