Monday, December 1, 2008

First snow of the season!

Jonas enjoyed the first snow of the season this past week. He is very patient about getting geared up when he knows he's going out to mess around in the snow. He likes to cruise up and down the sidewalk like a puffball looking for Cory, or as he calls him, "KKKKKK". On Monday, he kept pointing to Cory's house and crossing the street, but Cory wasn't home. Oh, well, perhaps another day, big guy.
Check out the fifth picture in the slide show. This is Jonas's cheesy smile. If you ask him to smile, he will give you this cheeseball smile, which looks more like he is smelling a skunk than enjoying himself. He also has a fake laugh, which he pulls out when Travis and I laugh, but he doesn't know why. I guess he just wants to fit in with the grownups.

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