Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin patch!

Jonas spent a windy and gorgeous Sunday at the Eeplegarten pumpkin patch. He helped pick out four pumpkins, including his standard Jonas-little-misshapen-one (see last year's pumpkin patch post

Next, Jonas enjoyed his Norwegian heritage while looking over an embroidered panel with typical Norwegian farm activities, including "fenalar" (yelling into a turkey baster?) and "geitost" (grazing goats on the roof?). He also made friends with the Norwegian headmaster troll, who was wielding a whacking stick and who sports and interestingly-shaped nose, as Jonas points out in the picture.

Finally, Jonas got to ride in a horse drawn wagon, which he truly enjoyed to the point that he wet through his pants. The horses gave Jonas quite a ride, to which he replied "sssththth" (silly).

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