Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grandma's Bday

It was Grandma Sue's birthday today. Jonas started off the celebration with a game of peekaboo. The video is just a short snippet of what can be an extremely long game. Jonas and Grandma manged to play peekaboo with no signs of fatigue. They are in real good peekaboo shape.

Jonas helped Grandma read her birthday card and also helped her to blow out her birthday candle. Grandma told Jonas that this was good practice since he would have to blow out his own birthday candle in a little over a month from now.

After blowing out the candle Jonas took Grandma to the opera. It was a master plan. Somehow Jonas managed to schedule an opera in a park near his house on Grandma's birthday. Before the opera started Jonas got in at least a quarter mile of crawling around on the grass at the park. It was quite comical as Jonas would crawl up to random groups of people waiting to see the opera and wave or smile. In the video above Mom was telling Jonas that he had to turn around to where everyone was waiting to watch the opera. It seemed Jonas had a mind of his own and always bolted away from 'homebase' to mingle with the crowd. It probably helped that he was wearing pumpkin snuggle pajamas. It was a great day to celebrate Grandma's birthday.

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