Monday, June 16, 2008

Pa' Day...Best Ever

Jonas treated his Pa to the best Father's Day ever. It still feels a bit crazy being a father, but Jonas is getting me used to it. Jonas showered his dad with gifts that included new shorts, pants, adult beverages, and a beautiful photo album. After the special baked strawberry french-toast breakfast the family biked down to the Union for some ice cream.

The water on the lake was as high as we've seen it due to all the recent rain. The spot where Jonas usually sits to watch the birds was completely under water. It was a windy day and Jonas pretended he was a bird and did some ground flying on the grass.(video below) Jonas was tired and passed out in the bike seat on the way home. It is quite hilarious looking to see a sleeping baby riding on the handlebars of your bike.

At home Jonas shared some of his cookie with his Dad as a special treat. It was delicious, especially the slimy coating covering the entire cookie. After dinner we all went for a walk up to the prairie in the park behind Jonas's house. Jonas did eventually go to sleep for the night. Dad could finally enjoy some of the wonderful gifts Jonas gave him. Mom and Dad reviewed the day under the stars in the presence of a glowing fire with a few glasses of the Herradura that Jonas gave his Dad.

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